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Summer Skin Protection

Have you been wearing sunscreen all winter and spring? Don’t be ashamed to say no – most people don’t apply actual sunscreen products until they’re out in the blazing summer sun. Moisturizers and cosmetics products may include an SPF, but it’s usually minimal. When it comeso applying sunscreen, people just…  
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Go to Great Lengths with Hair Extensions

Spring is here, and with it special occasions like proms, weddings and graduations. If you’ve ever admired a bride’s long, flowing hair or envied the prom queen for her shiny, long locks, plan now to get your own long, beautiful style in time for any special occasions. You don’t have…  
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The Long and Short of It – the Cut for the Season

In this installment of “A New You,” the most daring thing you can do when you’re looking for a new you is to go short! If you’ve been wearing your hair in the same tired style since high school, or if you’ve been taking baby steps each time you visit…  
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Relax This New Year — Little Massages Make a Big Difference

After the holiday rush of gift-giving, entertaining and visiting, you’re due for a little time for yourself. Start the new year off right by developing some relaxing habits for 2017 that will have multiple benefits for your beauty routine. They pack a double punch in both rejuvenating and soothing your…  
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NVS On The Move….New Home, New Look, New You!

  It’s hard to believe how quickly, yet how slowly, the year has gone! NVS has been on the move getting ready for our new salon opening on Rt. 924 at MacPhail Road. We’re so excited to share it with you! The preparations have been fun, complicated, creative, and emotional….  
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Cozy Up To Spa Treatments This Fall

As the weather turns chilly and we warm our hands around a hot coffee mug, there’s no better time for the coziness and warmth of a spa treatment. This transition time of year can bring both anxiety and stress, as well as depression, with shortened hours of sunlight and less…  
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Hey, What’s A Plastic Surgeon Doing On Here?

  By Jeffrey Horowitz, MD I’m guest blogging, that’s what!  Tammy has graciously allowed me to post about topics that we agree NVS clients would be interested in, so here’s the first of our shared posts. As some NVS clients have already found out, Botox is one of the…  
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Fashion Week Classes in New York!

Several of us spent a weekend in the Big Apple to learn just what we’ll be doing for Fashion Week! NVS Salon & Spa has been invited to style the hair of runway models in New York during this year’s Fashion Week, September 10-17. We’ll be behind the scenes at…  
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Preventing Wedding Melt-Down


The same things that make summer a popular time for weddings can also be the cause of much trepidation on the part of the bride, her wedding party and her guests. While warmer weather and flowers and trees in full bloom are great for outdoor weddings and memorable photography, they…  
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Summer Hair and Skin Care


Everyone knows you should be wearing an SPF moisturizer or foundation even in the winter time, right? And you know you should never be out in the sun without an SPF of 30 or higher during the summer, and preferably 50 or more on your face, right? Choosing the right…  
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