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Beating the Bristlies — Winter Hair and Skin Care Tips

The cold air, coupled with the wind, sleet and snow that will no doubt arrive in Maryland this month, can wreak havoc on your hair and skin.  Winter’s dry indoor heat and the cold, blustery outdoor air can leave hair frizzy or windblown and skin painfully dry and cracking.  Here are a few tips on how to prevent these in the first place.

  • Condition your hair daily with a light conditioner. This will protect the hair shaft and maintain its elasticity.  Deep condition once a month with a rich, thick conditioner.
  • Get regular haircuts or trims to keep the split ends at bay. Even if you have very long hair, you should consider a trim at least once a season.  It will remove all the dead ends of the hair, as well as give your hair a much-needed lift during winter.
  • Try a keratin treatment from your professional hair stylist. It takes about two hours, but your hair will be silky smooth and restored to its original, healthy condition.
  • Use a light hairspray to smooth fly-aways and maintain your just-coiffed look. Keep it natural, so your hair doesn’t look like a helmet.

For skin care, there’s just one word:  moisturize!  Once the humid summer days start to wane, our skin also starts to become dry.  Be religious about hand and foot lotion, as well as a rich, thick body lotion after every shower or bath.  Slather on a specially designed night-time moisturizer that will do its job of rejuvenating you while you sleep.  Don’t skimp on your skin care routine.  Keep your skin soft and supple with natural products that emphasize hydration.  Also, winter is a great time for a relaxing facial to keep your skin moist and free of lines and wrinkles.