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November 2014


The Secrets to Beauty Inside and Out
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Welcome to the first issue of R U NVS? We’re so excited to bring you the new bi-monthly newsletter from NVS Salon & Spa. You’ll get news and special information that you won’t want to miss! We hope you’ll share the newsletter with your friends and visit us both in person and on the web.

As this issue reaches your in-box, we’re into football season full-swing with the Ravens Cheerleaders. We’ve been at Ravens Stadium for each home game styling the girls’ hair for their pre-game appearances, then primping them for their performances. It’s an awesome experience! These women are beautiful inside and out, and they’ll be sharing some of their tips with you in the Cheer Challenge section. Also, check out our Makeover Minute column for some quick and easy tips for improving your looks as the cold weather takes hold.

NVS clients are constantly meeting challenges head-on – there are so many stories to tell. In Salon Spotlight, we’ll feature some of these client stories. This issue, meet Kaira Weaver, who is going strong after beating breast cancer. Finally, if U R NVS, you’ve got to be green! In the Green Gallery column, learn about how we made the Maryland Green Registry, becoming the envy of many local businesses!

Now, relax and enjoy the latest news from NVS!


Tammy Ehrbaker

Cheer Challenge

The Cheer Challenge column is a series of beauty tips and information from the cheerleaders who call NVS their official salon! This month, we kick off with Angel Palmere, a six-year Ravens cheerleader turned cosmetologist who is now an NVS stylist!

 A Lifestyle Worth Cheering About

“Being a Ravens Cheerleader isn’t just a job or a hobby, it’s a lifestyle,” says Angel Palmere, a six-year veteran of the cheerleading team. She explains that being a Ravens cheerleader means looking the part at all times. It means keeping your hair done, makeup on and sticking to an overall beauty regimen. She shares a typical cheerleader day: after spending eight hours at a regular job, the cheerleaders report to practice and run three to four miles, then spend a few hours learning and perfecting routines. When not practicing, the girls do as many as six appearances in a week – ranging from performances and calendar signings to charitable events.

For Palmere, the pinnacle of her Ravens cheerleading career was performing at the Super Bowl and the Pro Bowl. Then she was ready to move on. “I always wanted to be a hair stylist,” she says. So, she pursued her cosmetologist’s license and landed an apprenticeship at NVS Salon & Spa. She joined NVS as a stylist in September 2012 and says she’s enjoying being on the other side. “People still recognize me as a cheerleader, and I still coach cheerleading, but I’m behind the scenes now,” she says.

As the official salon of the Ravens Cheerleaders, the NVS team of stylists reports to Ravens Stadium before every home game to ready the cheerleaders for their appearances. They style, curl, tease and spray on game day. During the course of the year, NVS customers might see any one of the Ravens cheerleaders or Bay Hawks cheerleaders in the salon for haircuts, extensions, color touch-ups, facials, waxing and massage. They’ll be the ones looking the part – and enjoying it!

Makeover Minute

 Celebrating her fifth year with NVS Salon, Emily Randall remembers, “I was in beauty school and I was visiting salons all along Main Street when I walked into NVS. It had such a different atmosphere – it was comfortable, and gave me a feeling of a welcoming family. I knew it was the place for me.” Emily says she’s grateful for all the opportunities she’s had at NVS, from hair shows to styling the Ravens cheerleaders. “I started from scratch without a single client, and now, I have a full book of clients.”

Emily’s best makeover tip was borne out of necessity as a new mom:

“Always carry under-eye concealer and mascara – they can instantly make you look like you’ve had sleep, even when you’ve been up all night.” Emily says these tools, combined with a positive attitude and a smile on your face will not only make you look good, they will make you feel good.

Green Gallery — Does Being NVS Make You Green?

Maryland Green Registry logoWe’re hoping all the other local salons are so green with envy that they, too, become part of the Maryland Green Registry. NVS Salon & Spa was named a member in 2013 thanks to our commitment to the environment through Aveda products and our own green initiatives. From activities as simple as using glass coffee mugs instead of Styrofoam cups and recycling all jugs, plastic bottles and containers to purchasing environmentally preferable products, we are doing our part to keep our planet beautiful. We also participate in the annual Aveda “Clean Water Initiatives,” and we celebrate Earth Month by donating proceeds from Light the Way Candles sales to Global Greengrants Fund. We donate cut hair to Matter of Trust, a company that uses it to help soak up oil spills in waterways. Finally, we maintained our 900 square-foot footprint despite growth in our business, so that we could have a smaller carbon footprint and use less energy. If you have ideas of how we can continue being green, please let us know!

Salon Spotlight

NVS turns the spotlight on our valued clients who are beating the odds, helping their community or doing something great every day! We’re inspired – we hope you are too!


Survivor Warrior: Kaira Weaver

Kaira Weaver was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer when she was only 32 years old. A fitness instructor and the mother of three little girls, then ages 6, 3 and one year, Kaira was shocked and devastated, but she knew she had to take an aggressive approach. “With three little girls, there was no other option but to hit this thing head on and become a cancer warrior,” she says. Although no words can ever describe the sheer terror, worries and exhaustion that accompany a cancer diagnosis and the resulting consultations and decisions, Kaira says she kept a positive outlook. After making it through a bi-lateral mastectomy that she describes as “probably the most mentally and physically demanding experience of my life,” she still had to recover and make more important decisions. When four doctors told her she was a borderline candidate for chemotherapy, she chose hormone therapy instead and has never looked back.

“The support from family and friends was overwhelming,” she said. “I had a baby that wasn’t walking and that I couldn’t lift, so I required help from the time she woke up until she went to bed. Family and friends showed up at our house every evening with a hot dinner for over six weeks. The generosity of those around us was astounding,” Kaira said.

During her journey, her friends at NVS Salon & Spa were thinking of her. They treated her to a haircut, color and highlight after both the mastectomy and the reconstructive surgery. The two appointments included a deep conditioning treatment to combat her “anesthesia hair.” The year after her surgeries were complete, Kaira’s daughters, Katie and Sydney, had their long hair cut by the stylists at NVS to donate to Locks of Love, an organization that makes wigs for cancer patients out of real human hair. Four years later, Katie visited NVS again for a haircut, this time donating to Pantene, who has a similar program.

NVS does several cancer support events, and Kaira is always a front-and-center participant. She has spoken to other NVS clients who have been diagnosed, and she says she is glad to be helpful. “Cancer changes your perspective on life. You learn to appreciate the little things,” Kaira said. “Today I celebrate my life. I share my story to let young women know that they’re not invincible. It’s the vigor and courage that make us warriors, and the victory that makes us survivors.”