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Cozy Up To Spa Treatments This Fall


As the weather turns chilly and we warm our hands around a hot coffee mug, there’s no better time for the coziness and warmth of a spa treatment. This transition time of year can bring both anxiety and stress, as well as depression, with shortened hours of sunlight and less outdoor activity.
Lighten your load with a few relaxation sessions at the spa. Massage, facials and body treatments can both relax and cleanse your body. A Swedish or deep tissue massage can melt away tight shoulders, an aching back or neck, or tired muscles. It will give you more energy and help you cope better with stressors. Getting rid of stress also helps to ward off disease and boost your immune system.
An aromatic facial is another great way to relax and rejuvenate. During a summer of sun, surf and sand, your skin can really take a beating. Keep it looking healthy and glowing by having a facial that includes exfoliating the dead skin cells so that new, smoother ones can replace them. Dry or dead skin is what makes skin look dull. By getting rid of the culprit, you expose the new layer of skin cells and you automatically get that healthy glow. Your skin will be carefully cleansed and toned, followed by a soothing masque designed specifically for your skin type. Mud masques are drying, so they are usually used for oily skin, and thicker, more emollient-based masques are designed to moisturize dry skin. After either type of masque, your skin should look and feel smoother, lighter, and more beautiful. Be sure you still wear sunscreen on your face year-round to protect it from premature signs of aging due to sun damage.
Body treatments such as a full body scrub or polish also remove dead skin cells, making the whole body tingle and glow. All spa treatments use natural-based plant products, and they provide natural, aromatic scents that will transport you to your own imagination’s destination.