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Graduate to a New You

To the Future

You don’t have to be marching down the aisle to “Pomp and Circumstance” this spring to take a fresh look at your beauty routine. Whether you’re the graduate, a sibling or parent of a graduate, or just attending the party, take the words of the commencement speaker to heart in putting your best foot forward. Put your best “you” forward.

Take time to figure out your goals and the image you’d like to convey. If you’re facing a transition from student to professional, or from high school to college or trade school, or even from one job to another, decide how you want people to perceive you. Come up with your style idea – the “look” you’d like to have. Here are a few of ours for inspiration:

The Natural: Even if you want the natural look all over, don’t skimp on good make-up and hair care. Get a cut that works with your hair type and texture. It shouldn’t require too much upkeep or product use, and it should complement your best features. Ask a professional hair stylist to recommend some looks for you. A few highlights and lowlights can give your hair that natural, sun-kissed glow. As for make-up, natural doesn’t mean naked. You should always wear a moisturizer with an SPF of at least 15. Some lightweight foundation in just the right color will give your skin a smoother, more finished look, and mascara and lip gloss will protect your lashes and lips. You’ll look finished and put-together, with minimal effort.

The Professional: Find the happy medium with make-up. Enhance your features with a soft color blush that will give your face a rosy glow and emphasize great features like high cheek bones. Mascara and neutral shadows will open your eyes and give you that “alert” executive look. Colleagues should see you, not your make-up, so if you’re adding a little taupe or green eye color or liner, be sure to blend it and apply with a light hand. Along with the professional look comes professional hair. Straggly, unkempt hair is unlikely to get you the job in the first place, but transitioning from student to professional takes a whole new look. A ponytail every day doesn’t cut it. If you can’t part with your long hair, try a layered style that gently frames your face.

The Socialite: You can still be a showstopper at parties without overdoing your look. Turn heads with dark, smoky eye shadow and a fine brow pencil or powder. Emphasize either eyes or lips, but not both. Hair should never be an afterthought — it should be planned, but look spontaneous. The mussed up bun is all the rage, as is the romantic braid with tendrils all around your face. If you’re going to a party, you should feel festive, yet comfortable in your own skin and hair.