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Speaking Out Against Violence

The picture of the gold and white dress (#the dress) or black and blue dress, depending how you see it, also sparked an advertisement by the Salvation Army about domestic violence. We applaud the Salvation Army for this stroke of marketing genius. Some chatter has been that Salvation Army was opportunistic. Of course they were. Shame on you if you think they should have remained silent and missed this opportunity. Anything that brings domestic violence out of the silence and into the public awareness deserves to be commended.

If you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship, there are places to turn. One of the well-known places in Harford County is SARC, an organization that is a lifeline to victims, potential victims and survivors. They provide a confidential hotline, intervention and counseling services, legal services and safe housing. Abusive relationships are not only between a husband and a wife or between a parent and a child. They can be between a teen and a same-gender friend or a teen boy and teen girl. They can be between an elderly patient and a care giver. They can take place in person, over the phone, by text or on social media. Make sure your loved ones know the difference between an equal, supportive relationship and an abusive one.

In a world where being beautiful comes at any cost, we have to stop and evaluate the concept of beauty. No amount of make-up can cover the scars or the welts that come from the hands of an abuser. No hair style can hide the terror in a young girl’s eyes.

Get help if you or someone you know is abused. That dress was meant to make an impact and get people talking. It did. Visit for more information.