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What’s More “Au Natural” Than Harford’s Most Beautiful Baby Contest?

The Most Beautiful Baby Contest is coming up again this year. I love this contest – both for the “awwww” factor and for the causes it supports. This year, I have the privilege of being a contest judge! It’s going to be very challenging, because how can someone in their right mind choose the cutest baby? Unless one of the contestants is like the “precious” baby from the famous Seinfeld episode, it’s going to be a very difficult job, indeed.

The Most Beautiful Baby Contest raises money for homeless children in Harford County. According to Harford Family House, up to 40 percent of the country’s homeless population is families with children. Harford County mirrors the national average: of the 178 reported homeless people in 2013, 41 percent were children. More than 1.3 million children in the U.S. are homeless at some time each year.
Through the Most Beautiful Baby Contest, not only are we raising funds for an important cause, we are also emphasizing natural beauty – both inside and out. These babies are naturally beautiful, from the tops of their ears to the tips of their toes. Physically, their skin is smooth and soft, their laughter is like a breath of fresh air, and their eyes seem to sparkle with a light that can only come from a contented soul and an open heart. Their inner beauty shines on the outside. As their personalities form, they will learn from their families and their communities how to be caring, giving, loving people. Hopefully, we can demonstrate the importance of cultivating their natural beauty.

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